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the Personal Astrologer 3-D Astrology Board

introducing the astrological tool that enhances the study of astrology with it's 3-d features bringing planetary aspects to life

astrology board reveals transiting and natal aspects, astrological tool and horoscope delineator,five free astrological charts included with every order

9 color combinations to choose from check our order page for specials


The Personal Astrologer is for everyone, from the curious to the serious Astrologer.

Introducing the 3 dimensional tool that shows you where and how to get your astrological readings.

The Personal Astrologer with its visual and hands on features, makes the study of astrology fun and entertaining by literally placing thousands of astrological readings at your fingertips.

A new and exciting tool of self discovery that takes you right to the heart of this fascinating subject. Within minutes of getting started you will have your natal birth chart and all the transiting planets set up and in their positions.

The easy to follow directions and guide help you to find and interpret your own personal readings from any of the many books available today covering astrological readings. We have also created a Companion book for the 3-D Astrology Board that is both simple and easy to use providing astrological readings for both Natal and Transit planetary placements. The Personal Astrologer Workbook is available for only $29.95

The Personal Astrologer is literally a 3-D astrological chart and precision instrument that is a practical aid in the study of astrology.

With the Personal Astrologer you can use any of your favorite astrological books to obtain your readings.




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