~ Gaia ~
~ Mother Earth ~
The Great Creative Principal. Goddess of The Earth.
Has the Gift of Foretelling the Future. Presides over
Marriages & Oaths. Keeper of Sanctuaries
Aquarius Rising
Honorable. Dignified. Aloof. Unpredictable. Eccentric. Independent. Can be geniuses & great scientists. Inventive. Begins pursuing goals with structured steps & suddenly abandons previous reasoning without consideration. Experiences dramatic & unique changes in the direction of life. One foot in the present & the other in the future. Long periods spent roving in mental dimensions. Has many friends that you probably know better than they know you. Heightened & fulfilled spiritual pursuits. Mystical understanding. Sometimes may indicate a nervous condition. Must have exercise to boost circulation. Weakness: Much depends on the aspects to Uranus & Saturn. Early youth problems. Cold & calculating.