~ Gaia ~
~ Mother Earth ~
The Great Creative Principal. Goddess of The Earth.
Has the Gift of Foretelling the Future. Presides over
Marriages & Oaths. Keeper of Sanctuaries

Capricorn Rising
Reserved, conservative & somewhat cautious. Does not show emotions. A love of formality and Ancient Ways. Very responsible people. Industrious. Persistent. Frugal. Calculating. Organized. Known as the hardest workers of all the Rising Signs. Successful in business. Early on maturity & responsibilities; later life more carefree & relaxing & known as humanitarians. Likely to attain material wealth if Rising is within the 10 to 20 degrees decant. Weakness: Much depends on aspects to Saturn. Insecurities may cause you to vacillate, being sure of yourself one moment and not the next. If knees have problems ~ then rigidity in moving forward in planning & manifesting. Self denial & self destructive issues.