~ Gaia ~
~ Mother Earth ~
The Great Creative Principal. Goddess of The Earth.
Has the Gift of Foretelling the Future. Presides over
Marriages & Oaths. Keeper of Sanctuaries
Libra Rising
Charming. Fashionable. Likes fairness and will seek out peace & harmony in all situations. Enjoys society & social situations. Usually does not like being alone. Impulsive relationships. A tendency to jump into things instantly and wholeheartedly. Capable of manipulating others without them knowing it. Prone to dramatic teenage relationships. Other than relationships: likes to play it safe in life. Tendency to do better in a profession rather than a small business or laborious job. Artistic & musical. Likes jewelry & adorning self. Likely to be good looking with balanced body proportions. Weakness: Much depend on aspects to Venus. May or may not be undependable.