~ Gaia ~
~ Mother Earth ~
The Great Creative Principal. Goddess of The Earth.
Has the Gift of Foretelling the Future. Presides over
Marriages & Oaths. Keeper of Sanctuaries
Sagittarius Rising
Loves liberty & freedom. Hopeful. Investigative and opinionated. Full of tales of adventure, new ideas & philosophies. In touch with the world around you. Possess great wisdom. Seems to know ~ everything. Enjoys influencing others. Dry humored. Blunt. An ability to express yourself and get to the point easily. Not inclined towards a dull life. A restless mind with a body that needs rest. Needs the outdoors. Tends to travel light. Open expressions. Wide and round eyes. Usually taller than brothers & sisters. Clashes by being rude and rash. Takes more control later in life. Has the confidence to achieve goals. Weakness: Much depends on aspects to Jupiter. May or may not be scattered.