~ Gaia ~
~ Mother Earth ~
The Great Creative Principal. Goddess of The Earth.
Has the Gift of Foretelling the Future. Presides over
Marriages & Oaths. Keeper of Sanctuaries

Scorpio Rising
Intense. Mysterious & passionate. Secretive. Great physical stamina. Sarcastic. Willful, complicated; yet still reserved. Does not like to compromise or surrender. Hides emotions beneath surface and likes to keep private life private. Tends not to tell the whole story. A suspicious nature that is concerned more with the unseen than whats before them. Very conscious & aware of power when it comes to negotiating. Likely to walk the razor's edge in life. Many circumstances of money coming to you. Replenished resources via others support. Campaigns for beliefs. Weakness: Much depends on aspects to Pluto & Mars. May be overly critical of self and others.