Mercury in Aries

~ The Mind & Thinking Process ~
Represents your mental power, intelligence, communicative, expressive & reasoning abilities. Shows our alertness, awareness & ability to adapt to circumstances. Shows our dexterity & analytical abilities. Also shows our skepticism ~ restlessness ~ irresponsibility.

Mercury thru the Signs: How your speaking, thinking & communicating (as well as all traits Mercury represents) is influenced.
Mercury in the Houses: Where in your life does your mind create and carry out your ideas and communications.

Mercury in Aries
Direct in speech. Likes new and daring thoughts. Inventive. Outspoken. Confrontational. Progressive ideas. Instigates stimulating conversation. Witty. Impulsive. Makes snap decisions. Sudden changes in opinions. Competitive. Debates with others. Apt to exaggerate. Impatient with delays. Restless for action. Original. Weakness: Irritable. Hot headed. Inconsiderate. Disorderly.

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