~ Our Subconscious & Emotional Nature ~

Reflects our receptive, instinctual, intuitive, sensitive, imaginative & sentimental side of self & behavior. Our changing moods, rhythms, ebbs & flows. Our spiritual lineage & traditions. Holds our memory, habits, moodiness, instability & changeable traits. Our relationships with family, private & domestic side of life. Also represent our mother & females in our life.

Moon thru the Signs: How you react intuitively & instinctively. Your actions/response when you don't have time to think about it.
Moon thru the Houses: Where you act unconsciously or instinctively. This is the area of life where you are continuously going through changes & emotional ups & downs.

 Moon in Capricorn
Reacts with controlled responses. Likes to appear reserved & control immediate environment. Ambitious. Can bring honors & prominence. Tendency to be in front of the public in some manner. A hard worker. Untiring when inspired. Likes responsibility, structure & stability in relationships. Needs reassurance from loved ones. Strong parental influence. Prudent. Materialistic. Weakness: Unwarranted enemies. Overly sensitive. Negativity attacks. Power hungry.

House Readings

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