Mercury in 1st House
Personality, Life Outlook
Increases mental initiative. Quick in speech, thought & action. Personable. Persuasive. Often above average intelligence. Gives the ability to notice everything that goes on around you. Restless. Communicative. Good for writers, researchers, scholars, librarians, secretaries, doctors. *If your Rising Sign is different from what this placement is: also read Mercury in the sign of whatever your Rising Sign is. Weakness: Nervousness. Hypochondria.


Mercury in 2nd House
Personal Resources. Finances, Values & Comfort
The mind is active with ideas concerning business & making money. Money from commissions, percentages & royalties. Abilities in sales. Wheelings & Dealings. Natural good timing in life. Professional economists. Business advisors. Gain thru communications, writings, publishing, printing, traveling, intellectual & clerical skills. Weakness: Deception or fraud.


Mercury in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local. Environment & Communication
Originality in the thinking process. A quick & precise mind, often above average intellect. Interested in all areas of communication. Fond of reading, writing & using the phone. Ability to find practical solutions. Possible work in research, reporting, teaching, computers, telecommunications & all transportation businesses. Weakness: Problems with contracts. Learning disabilities.


Mercury in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots. Private Life, Property, A Parent
Educational home environment. Home libraries. Home is used as a work place and a gathering place to discuss ideas & projects. Work in real estate. Interests in the Earth, environment & geology. Much moving or traveling with family and/or having a parent that is a traveler. Weakness: Family disagreements and losses via the home.

Mercury in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure. Romance, Children, Loved Ones
Usually more mental than muscular. Wants to speak in a creative manner. Artistic. Dramatic. Early love affairs. Likes reading romantic stories. Gains from public amusement & entertainment pursuits & being speculative. Public speakers, teachers, playwrights & art critics. Interests in children's issues & activities. Weakness: Difficulty with children. Scandalous love affairs.


Mercury in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines. Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health
Speaks out on issues. Gains in & from subordinate positions. Systematic. Detail work. Job needs variety or changes jobs often or holds two jobs. Good for work in transportation, engineering, science, clerical, teaching, singing, writing, medicine, health, hygiene. Sensitive nervous system. Weakness: Illness from over work & wrong thinking habits. High strung.


Mercury in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships. Public Dealings & Response
Benefits thru mental cooperation w/others. A people person. May have several partnerships & projects at the same time. Intellectual stimulation needed from partners. Seeks a marriage of the mind. Possibly younger spouse or employee; met thru travel or educational pursuits. Good for counseling, psychology, law, public relations, sales. Weakness: Unkept agreements. Unfaithful partners.


Mercury in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration Others Resources/Support
Intuitive. A good understanding of others motivations & secrets. Likes to make plans in secret. Abilities in corporate finance. A caretaker of others affairs & business. A love for life's mysteries & secrets. Psychic. Inquisitive. Insightful. Weakness: Financial losses due to partners or others affairs. May hold grudges or plan revenge.

Mercury in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel. Higher Learning & Philosophy
Dreamy. Prophetic. Adores travel & far away places. Good with languages & all literary pursuits. Ability to understand social ideas & attitudes. Pursues knowledge. Interested in philosophy, higher education, religion, law & travel. Either scholarly or suffers from learning disabilities; depending on other influences. Weakness: Difficult legal affairs. Snobby. Scattered. Culty. Dogmatic.


Mercury in 10th House
Reputation, Honor. Authorities & Achievements
Public success & possible honors. Likes to have ideas presented to the public; even if indirectly. Likes professional ambitions environments. Right hand men/women. Networkers. Good for public life, politics, communications, writing, publishing, transportation. Knowledge is sought in the pursuit of responsible positions. Weakness: Problems in asserting authority. Unprincipled. Deceptive.


Mercury in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes. Friends, Groups & Social Life
Broad minded. Open to communicating with all types of people. May appear impersonal but really is friendly. Has many younger & literary type friends. Mental development is enhanced thru friendships. Financial gains & employment thru acquaintances. Likes secret codes. Brothers & sisters are close companions. Weakness: Impractical ideas. Anti social. Unreliable, troublesome associations.


Mercury in 12th House
Hidden strength, Karma
Decisions are based on feelings. Dreamy. The unusual thinker. Secretive about thoughts & ideas. Shy. Knowledge of secret arts, occult & medicine. Investigative skills. Good w/disguises. Benefits thru rest & seclusion. Unusual childhood experiences. *Aspects to Mercury greatly affect mentality. Also read Mercury in the sign of your Rising (if Rising & 12th are different) & consider as a influence. Weakness: Problems expressing oneself. Mental blocks. Insecurity.