Neptune in 1st House
Personality, Life Outlook

Sensitive approach to Life. Alluring. Submissive. Fantastically creative. Refined. A romantic that appreciates & understands the beauty in life. One who stops to smell the roses. Hears inner voices. Resourceful. Strong imagination. Artistic pursuits. Unrealistic attitudes. Sometimes appears vulnerable & feels abandoned. May sacrifice self for a cause. Camouflages & disguises self. Merges into immediate environment. Ability to go unnoticed. Can be Masters of Illusion. Transcend: self deception & focus oneself confidence. Weakness: Depression. Misguided spiritual pursuits. Procrastination. Absolute confusion.


Neptune in 2nd House
Personal Resources. Finances, Values & Comfort

Monetary extravagances & generosities. Money comes & goes thru mysterious circumstances. Dramatic & miraculous financial bonuses. Resourceful in acquiring money; not so in managing it. Receives unclear or hidden info about investments. Seek advice regarding investments. Suspicions that others are trying to cheat you. Keep all financial issues honest for success. May have work regarding the sea, dancing, photography, chemicals, hospitals, medications, drugs, institutions & spiritualism. Desires to be supported by others. Transcend: materialistic confusion, focus on money as form of energy instead of form of matter. Weakness: Chaotic financial affairs.


Neptune in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local Environment & Communication

Imaginative. Inspirational speakers & writers. Fantasy story telling abilities. Usually above average intelligence. Ability to receive ideas from the higher mind & other realms. Day dreamers. Telepathic & intuitive flashes. Good placement for visualizing. Karmic sibling & relatives. Would do well to live near water, enjoys traveling by water or fear of water. Favorable for the arts. Poetic. May indicate dyslexia or ADD . Transcend: lack of mental disciplines; focus on concentrative powers & true self expression. Weakness: Nervous conditions. Calms self w/drugs or alcohol. Siblings with drug problems. Education difficulties.

Neptune in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots. Private Life, Property, A Parent

Nomadic. Many changes in residence. May be a wanderer in life. Usually; a combination of idyllic & unsettled home life. Fantasy & spacious houses. Homes near water. Artistic, spiritual or peculiar atmosphere at home. Family secrets. Mystery or scandals; sometimes with mother & her side of family. Adopted, abandoned or needs that go unnoticed by other family members. Later in life likes seclusion. Transcend: confusing issues of roots & identity; focus & meditate on Inner Connection. Weakness: Drab home environments. Difficulties w/family members. Alcoholic or disappearing parent. Later in life; loneliness or confused about vague nebulous past.


Neptune in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure Romance, Children, Loved Ones

Dreamy. Dramatic. Childlike. A risk taker. Great loves and Great heartaches. Secret Love Affairs. Romantic involvements w/spiritual & artistic partners. Usually positive for speculative ventures especially business involved with water. Illuminating teachers. A love for arts, theater & acting. You may choose to adopt children or have them out of wedlock. Intuitive or gifted children. Children that have handicaps or problems w/drugs. Transcend: any ill will feelings; focus on inspirational creative freedom in giving. Weakness: Easily fooled or seduced. Confused affairs in romance.


Neptune in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines, Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health

Humanity servers. Nurturers. Shamanism. Healers. Uses alternative health methods. Use anesthesia, drugs & medicines w/caution. Possible misdiagnoses when ill. Attracted to glamourous jobs. Mysterious workplace. Cover ups at work. Difficulties in finding work, anxiety or not sure of what to do for work. Drama, mystery & intrigue thru work. Use imagination for success. Love of solitude. Transcend: bewildered & draining sacrificial service; focus on integrity & soothing of the Vital Life Force. Weakness: Hypochondria. Health problems. Self indulgent manner. Unreliable & bitter in work or works at a draining job.

Neptune in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships, Public Dealings & Response

Cannot be easily read by others. May appear mysterious or glamourous. Helpful to others. Easily affected by moods. Intuitive in close personal relationships. Likes to create romantic & inspirational environments. True companionship. Out of the ordinary marriages. Partner may be highly creative, spiritual or psychic. Choice of partners is important. Clandestine or socially unacceptable relationships. Possible relationship with someone who isn't free or has a secret background. May elope or have a hasty marriage. Transcend: deceiving & escaping from reality; focus on giving & fulfilling thru valued support to others. Weakness: Deceptive. Unreliable marriage partner. Victims of public disfavor.


Neptune in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration, Others Resources/Support

Mysterious. Charismatic. Heightened intuition. Natural psychologists & politicians. Understands others easily thru body language. Ability to enter spirit planes. Knowledge gained thru dreaming. Uses dreams & strong imagination in making money. Shrewd. Favorable for obtaining first hand info. Unusual or peculiar circumstances involving partners money. Extravagant partners. Inhibited, unclear or likes mystery regarding sex & sexuality. Passionate & magical sexual energy. Links between money & sex. Needs 2nd opinion in any surgery. Transcend: self deception or depression; focus on renewal & regeneration of self & others. Weakness: Others may not repay loans or debts to you. Fraud.


Neptune in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel, Higher Learning & Philosophy

Opportunities thru transcendental experiences. Intellectual. Philosophical. Profits from unusual & mystical experiences in travel. Has vivid dreams. Powerful Visions. Alternative religions. Involvement in religious groups & mediation. Promoter. Artistic. Musical. Enjoys learning; especially foreign studies. Likes to daydream. Transcend: fanaticism and fear of impractical & vague premonitions; focus on spiritual consciousness. Weakness: May neglect education. Fearful & anxious mind. Fanaticism concerning religious ideas. Illegal activities in foreign countries. Deceptive. Periods of lost faith and morals. Feeling lost.

Neptune in 10th House
Reputation, Honor, Authorities & Achievements

Diplomatic. Gentle. Usually avoids confrontations. Many changes in direction of life. Sophisticated or glamourous image. Success thru a glamourous position, humanitarian ideals as well as inspiring & motivating others. Gossip, speculation & secrets affairs via business. Lacks familiarity with, vague or peculiar circumstances concerning father or fathers family. Excellent for career in the arts, helping less fortunate, ministers, psychiatrists, medical work, magicians photographers, boats & water. Transcend: illusions about image & unrealistic attitudes; focus on clearly defined goals. Weakness: Not receiving credit for work done. Lack of direction in career. Scandal in profession. Self doubts.


Neptune in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes. Friends, Groups & Social Life

Bohemian tendencies. Success thru the ability to dream big; just needs to be clear & focused. Time spent charitably towards others. Involvements in religious or esoteric groups. Needs to use some discrimination when joining groups. Has inspirational, artistic & unusual friendships. Frequent spiritual discussions & guidance is shared amongst friends. Marries partner with children. Transcend: Vague dreams & inspiration about goals in life; focus on doing. Weakness: Associations with alcohol, drugs or deceptive individuals. Involved with the wrong crowd. Draining friendships. Antisocial. Hard to Please.


Neptune in 12th House
Hidden Strengths, Karma

Compassionate. Reclusive & secretive. Disguises or shows different faces. Extremely sensitive in social situations and confined spaces. Introspective. Needs to spend time alone to rejuvenate. Very creative & industrious when away from others. May be heavily influenced by or lives in the past. Strong spiritual pull & close to the spirit world. Attracted to inspirational literature & art. Known to neglect self to save others. Benefits from large institutions. Doctors. Nurses. Dancers. Detectives. Transcend: Vague self fears & illusions focus on compassion & faith. Weakness: Escapes to... institutions, alcohol, drugs or the past. Powerful enemies. Deep loneliness. Confinement.