Pluto in 1st House
Personality, Approach to Life

A dual personality; withdrawn and explosive. Simultaneously very public & very private. Makes immediate first impressions; as in strong attractions or repulses. A nonconformist. Obsessive in areas of personal interest. Likes powerful people. A love for solitude. Powerful self transformational abilities. Deep regenerative capabilities that cannot be judged by physical appearances. Strong survival skills. Creative outlets will be helpful. Weakness: Insecurity masked with arrogance.


Pluto in 2nd House
Personal Resources, Finances, Values & Comfort

Swings in life from austerity to great abundance. Aggressive and ambitious in pursuing financial wealth. Equates wealth with power. Income may come from several sources. Wealth may come from underground endeavors, obtaining inside information or from an ability to perceive obscure financial possibilities. Strong sexual needs. May use sex to gain power in relationships. Weakness: Desire to control others as possessions. Gambling. Periods of accumulating ill gotten goods.


Pluto in 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local Environment & Communication

Very strong & definite opinions. Observant of others. Ability to perceive & penetrate others intellect & motives. Likes secrets & mystery. Hidden & powerful emotions bursting beneath calm & blank facial expressions. Hypnotists. A need to be heard; possible outlets; writing, speaking, painting. Also: mental extremes; enlightened genius in some areas to unable to find way home or follow directions of simple tasks in other areas. School drop outs. Childhood bully. Dominating relations & circumstances concerning brother & sister. Interested & rewarded thru local politics & community issues. Weakness: Compulsive talkers Scheming attitude.

Pluto in 4th House
Family, Home, Roots, Private Life, Property, A Parent

Restless nature. Domineering. Ability to regenerate and manifest (self) & home environment. Good placement for purging self of outdated traditions. New beginnings & dramatic start overs in life. Full sense of power is not realized until later in life. Wealth later in life. Love of nature. Knowledge of the Earth's secrets. Geologists. Miners. Dowsers. Success through real estate. Weakness: Childhood trauma. Unresolved anger towards parent(s). Worried or angry at home. Power struggles concerning family or home.


Pluto in 5th House
Creativity, Pleasures, Romance, Children, Loved Ones

Dignified. Financially daring. Strong creative power. Can be publicly known thru talents. Feels a deep sense for fulfilling a creative destiny. Needs and likes flattery. Strong romantic involvements & love affairs. Seeks perfection in your partner. Attracted to those more powerful and creative than yourself. Sensual, sexy. Swings of sexual excess or celibacy. Creative or unusual children. Pushes children into spotlight. Weakness: Dominates romantic partners and children. Manipulates own parents. King & Queen complexes. Difficult pregnancy. Tyrannical children.


Pluto in 6th House
Work & Daily Routines, Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health

Self analytical. Good concentration. Ability to revive workplace. May set new standards in your field of work. May work in enforcing rules, standards & policies. May work alone. Usually follows routines. A healer. A server of humanity. Ability to revive others inspirationally and through nutrition. Depending upon aspects; great recuperative abilities or a constant strain on health. Hard to diagnosis illnesses. Feels internally isolated & apart from others. Has cycles of neglecting self to serve others. Weakness: Subversive or inability to get along in the workplace. Hypochondriac.


Pluto in 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships, Public Dealings & Response

Temperamental. Strong will. A great amount of emotion expressed through relationships. Much time spent in giving & receiving advice. Likes diversity in relating to others. Ability to continually inspire & renew others. May indicate complete & total breaks from past close relationships or marriage; and starting anew. Attracted to powerful partners. Continual battles of will & contests of strength. Partner may have different religious or ethnic background. Possible public recognition. Good for lawyers & judges. Weakness: Manipulates relationships. Dominating relationships. Sexual jealously or problems.


Pluto in 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration, Others Resources/Support

Good business sense. Shrewd. Secretive about business & money. Indicates cycles of renewal & drain of resources & money; yours & others who support you. Money thru inheritance or matters concerning death. Ability to transform others for better or worse. Life & death situations. Life changes due to conditions beyond control; natural disasters, police, military, political or economic situations. Strength in crisis & the ability to stand alone if need be. Interest in esoteric subjects & sexuality. Involvement in the underworld, corporate business intrigues, struggles or takeovers. Weakness: Extremes in religious & sexual matters. Problems in receiving money owed to you.


Pluto in 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel. Higher Learning & Philosophy

Personal evolution gained through adventurous circumstances & travel. Compulsive learners. Life changes guided by religious, philosophical, cultural & educational views. Indicative of life in foreign countries. Foreign spouses or parents. Unusual journeys. Does not stay in one place for long either physically or philosophically. Definite beliefs especially later in life. Strong connection with the Inner Voice. Persistent effort to understand intuitive faculties. Spiritual leadership abilities. Naturalists. Religious fanatics. Involvement in foreign wars. Weakness: Antisocial. Self righteous.

Pluto in 10th House
Reputation, Honor, Career, Authorities, Achievements

A strong will to attain prestige & to succeed. Perfectionist. Autocratic personality. Penetrates into power structures. Understands or is part of how the System works. Feels a real desire to be in control. Ability to revive projects & businesses. Good long range planner. A technical mind. Inventor. Government workers. Usually socially responsible. May be misunderstood & controversial. Karma issues of being judgemental of others. Weakness: Power complex.
Tyrannical & dictorial tendencies. Alienation from others. Cycles of depression.


Pluto in 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes, Friends, Groups & Social Life

Aloof. Drops in and out of society. May make many new starts in life; and usually chooses to leave the past behind. Involvement in secret societies & organizations. Experiments with radical thoughts. Intense desire to find happiness. Influential in your friends lives. Powerful & influential friends. Friends that appear & disappear for long periods. May have many friends & then no friends. You need to choose your associations wisely. Weakness: Does not face problems. Disruptions & financial losses in life caused by friends. Sudden erratic behavior.


Pluto in 12th House
Hidden Strengths, Karma

Shy. Private. Reclusive. Not truly known by others. Hides resources or money. May tend to withhold information. Keeps emotions secretive and vents them in private. Involved in behind the scene struggles. Tends to need alot of space or feels confined. Deep insights & developed intuition. Understands own dreams. Has the Inner strength to carry thru on dreams & visions. Self sacrifice is often encouraged & rewarded here. Potential to produce work or products that will be timeless. Works behind the scenes. Good for doctors & working with others that are disabled. A need to face own fears & self doubts. Weakness: Psychological issues.