SUN IN 1st House
Personality, Life Outlook

Self aware. Individualistic energy. Desires recognition. Interested in catching others attention. Likes to lead others. Seeks acknowledgment & may hold positions of influence & trust. Independent. Usually good health & recuperative abilities. Usually joyful & stable as a child especially if Sun is well aspected. Brings out the most assertive characteristics of a Sun Sign. If Sun and Rising are in the same Sign that is what is meant by "I am a double Scorpio or Taurus" etc. Weakness: Power hungry. Antagonistic. Arrogance.


SUN IN 2nd House
Personal Resources Finances, Values & Comfort

Generous. Influential relationships. Golden touch. Money is made thru using authority. May identify self with material status. Reinforces a desire for material gain. Ability to produce. Prospers thru specific job training. Sensible work may over take true interest & talent. Pushed to find what personal security means to you. Self worth = (Sun); is enhanced by building strength, courage, nobility or material possessions and will fill the void. Weakness: No happiness found with money. Squanders resources. The desire to own others.


SUN IN 3rd House
Siblings, Childhood, Local Environment & Communication

Resourceful. Continuous interaction with others. Feels very alive when sharing ideas with others. Strong communication skills. Inspirational & motivating thru speech & writings. Recognition for mental abilities. Observant. Driven by a need to know. Investigates everything. Always asking questions & acquiring information. Knowledge is Power. Weakness: Forcing your ideas on others. Intellectual snob. Victim of rumors.


SUN IN 4th House
Family, Home, Roots. Private Life, Property, A Parent

Goals are establishing distinctive and secure foundations in life. Reoccurring issues relating to the trials & tribulations of finding a home environment. Searches for biological and psychological roots. Likes to gather & save for the future. Feels much pleasure from owning own home or real estate. Easily recalls childhood experiences. Can also mean fortunate heritage. Good times & security in old age but earlier life is harder. Weakness: Me first attitude. Troubled home life. Problems with parents or inheritance.


SUN IN 5th House
Creativity, Pleasure, Romance, Children, Loved Ones

Strong placement for Sun. Wants to distinguish self & projects from others. Seeks out & is rewarded thru personal creative expression. May be overly dramatic in an effort to impress others. Seekers of pleasure. Many friends. Playful. Fun loving, generous, proud & childlike. Large risk takers. Gains thru speculation. Weakness: Overspends on entertainment. Losses via love. Difficulty w/children or childbirth. Trys' to live out life through your children.


SUN IN 6th House
Work & Daily Routines, Habits, Jobs, Colleagues, Health

Priority orientated. Self esteem is linked to perfecting personal & daily rituals that benefit mind & body. Needs to follow & honor own rhythm. Reoccurring issues of psychological & spiritual support. Enjoys self improvement and self help books, lectures etc. Ethical concerns in choosing work. Usually means best 'work' done in cooperative efforts with others. Heath related fields. Craftsperson. Weakness: Constantly changing jobs. Delicate health. Criticizes boss.


SUN IN 7th House
Marriage, Partnerships, Public Dealings & Response

Socially active. Well liked. Helping partners achieve; brings you many successes; business or personal. Realizes power thru one to one relationships. Self worth may be measured by partners' standards. Personal goals are related to other people. Marriage held in high regard. Loyal partners. Good for work in any field of counseling, arbitrations or in using diplomacy. Public relations, promotions, sales. Weakness: Selfish. Legal difficulties. Over impressed with prestige and authority.


SUN IN 8th House
Sexuality, Regeneration. Others Resources/Support

Intuitive. Intense emotions. Receives support from others; monetarily & friendships. Ability to regenerate self & partners. Focused on self improvement by changing & updating self. Lifes early knowledge vastly differs from Lifes later understanding. Intrigued w/the mysteries of life. Fascinated by 'taboo' subjects. Benefits from partners. Inherits. Legacies. Weakness: Financial difficulties via partner.

SUN IN 9th House
Foreign Lands & Travel, Higher Learning & Philosophy

Ambitious. Refined. Needs physical liberty. Develops own philosophy about life. Constant searching to broaden & challenge body & mind. Benefits through foreign affairs & the love of far away places. Achievements thru educational, religious, philosophical endeavors. Good for promoters, publishers, travel related work, managers, coaches. Weakness: Difficulties in higher education & foreign countries. Narrow minded. Bigoted. Tactless.


SUN IN 10th House
Reputation, Honor, Authorities & Achievements

Very beneficial position. Strong vitality. Favorable position for power & prestige according to the Sign in which Sun is placed. (If in Leo - creative expressions, in Pisces for healing - and/or other Piscean attributes, in Gemini - for mental intellect, etc.) Needs some outlet for public expression. Required to set examples. Desires a professional life. Good for governmental, authoritative & career conscious people. Resemblance or influence of father. Good parental guidance. May signify in a womans' chart that she is married to a powerful partner. Weakness: Hunger for power may cause reversals of reputation, fortune.


SUN IN 11th House
Hopes, Dreams, Causes, Friends, Groups & Social Life

Good for social success. High self esteem. Promoter of dreams & visions. Positive indicator for realizing your hopes & dreams in life. Participates in community & other people oriented areas of life. Development of friendships is of major importance. Influential friends. Innovative in chosen field. Eccentric or rebellious. Strong humanitarian feelings. In touch w/global issues. Rise to prominence with in a group or organization. Leaders of large groups. In this position especially - much can be interpreted by the aspects made to the Sun. Weakness: Being led astray by friends or groups of people


SUN IN 12th House
Hidden strength, Karma

Reclusive. Works behind the scenes. One who benefits from seclusion & in areas not easily seen. Avoids others. Periods of confinement/isolation alternating with enlightenment. Goal to transform self using own will power to release destructive behaviors. Challenges in incorporating the hidden/unknown/underground sides of life. Work in hospitals, charities or places of spiritual retreat. Successes with adversaries. Actors. Dancers. Researchers. Psychic, occult tendencies - OR: (dependent on Aspects) disbelievers and skeptics with an adamant attitude (perhaps driven to disprove). Weakness: You are your own worst enemy. Lacks confidence.