~ Apollo ~
Son of Zeus & Leto ~ Twin brother of Artemis ~Known for his blinding glance that none but the Honest could meet. The God of Light & Truth. Eternally youthful. Worshipped as Phoebus meaning the Brilliant. The Archer God. The Healer. Master Musician.

In the Signs: How your essence & individuality is expressed.
In the Houses: This area of life will always be of great importance to you and it is where much growth will take place.

Sun in Libra
Charming. Personable. Diplomats. Ability to negotiate. Relaxed. Strong sense of justice. Likes glamor & beauty. Intellectual day dreamers. Poetic. Peaceful & pleasure loving. Will compromise for the sake of harmony. Seeks to find self thru relationships. Flirtatious. Social, loves to share life & to see others enjoying themselves. Likes to play matchmaker. Hedonistic. Connoisseur. Song writers. Aesthetic. Artistic. Public relations. Weakness: Indecisive. Lazy. Overly dependent.

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