Jupiter in Gemini

~ Zeus ~
Son of Cronus & Rhea. King of Gods.
God of The Storm Clouds. Lord of The Sky.
Protector of Warriors & Those who have a Mission.
Carries & Throws Thunderbolts; sometimes
missing his target.
~ Jupiter ~
Our Good Fortune ~ Optimism ~
Our wisdom, honesty, benevolence & sense of justice. Our aspirations, opportunities, adventurous & exploring nature. Shows our attitude towards higher education, religion & philosophical reasoning. Also shows our gluttonous, excessive, self indulgent & extravagant traits. Jupiters' influence is more easily & accurately observed after the age of 40 years old.

In the Signs: How our Philosophical, Expanding & Exploring View of Life is expressed.
In the Houses: Where our good fortune, natural expansion and protection is to be found. Where in Life we use all of the above mentioned exploring & philosophical Views.

It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel thru all the Signs .

Jupiter in Cancer
Compassionate. Generous. Likes sharing. Good sense of humor. Fruitful imagination. Charitable. Philanthropic. Interested in public relations & welfare. Strong family values & usually much love & help from parents. Likes cooking & activities centered around the home. Success in middle age. Pillars of society & wealth in later years. Patriotic. Weakness: Self indulgent (food, etc.) And: depending on aspects. Needs lessons in giving & sharing. Miserly.

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