Jupiter in Taurus

~ Zeus ~
Son of Cronus & Rhea. King of Gods.
God of The Storm Clouds. Lord of The Sky.
Protector of Warriors & Those who have a Mission.
Carries & Throws Thunderbolts; sometimes
missing his target.

~ Jupiter ~
~Our Good Fortune ~ Optimism ~
Our wisdom, honesty, benevolence & sense of justice. Our aspirations, opportunities, adventurous & exploring nature. Shows our attitude towards higher education, religion & philosophical reasoning. Also shows our gluttonous, excessive, self indulgent & extravagant traits. Jupiters' influence is more easily & accurately observed after the age of 40 years old.

In the Signs: How our Philosophical, Expanding & Exploring View of Life is expressed.
In the Houses: Where our good fortune, natural expansion and protection is to be found. Where in Life we use all of the above mentioned exploring & philosophical Views.

It takes approximately 12 years for Jupiter to travel thru all the Signs .

Jupiter in Taurus
Love for justice. Generous. Usually understands the flow of money and does well in own business. Ability to manifest on the material plane. Enjoys the luxuries of life. Likely to accumulate wealth. Philanthropic. Sheltered life. Gourmet taste or a healthy appetite. Benefits from the opposite sex. Good for bankers & stockbrokers. Weakness: Stubborn. Prideful. Superiority or caste conscious attitude. Indebtedness. Excessive in food or drink.

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