Mars in Aries

~ Ares ~
~ Son of Zeus & Hera ~
Defender of the integrity of the Soul & the Life of the Body. The disciplined warrior who fights to protect the Weak. Patron God of the Romans.
The God of War. Revered.

~ Physical & Dynamic Energy ~
Shows our stamina, aggressiveness, strength, courage,
impulsiveness & forcefulness. Our desire, passion, personal
& sexual drive. Reflects how you initiate action & new beginnings.
Our business sense, executive & authoritative abilities.
Also shows our cruel ~ defiant & combative traits.

Mars in the Signs: The nature of your physical energy & assertiveness.
Mars in the Houses: Where your stamina, courage & all Mars traits asserts itself in order to achieve your desires. Where in your life may conflicts may arise.

It takes Mars 22 months to travel thru all the Signs.
Approximately 45 days per Sign.

Mars in Aries
Leadership comes naturally with this placement. Powerful energy levels. Vigorous actions. Independent. Courageous & impulsive mannerisms. Reacts sharply. Combative. Aggressive in speech. Occasional blind ambition. Very important to think before you act to insure success in all undertakings. Mechanical. Good for sports. Likes fast cars. Scar or mark on face. Fevers. Weakness: Reckless. Overactive ego. Anger. Guard against possible head injuries.

House Readings

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