Saturn in Pisces

~ Cronus~
~ Son of Gaia & Ouranos ~
The God of Time. The God of Understanding &
Experience. A Working God & Wise King. Stern but Just. Rewarding those who obey his laws & made honest efforts And: Merciless to those who do Not. Protector of the Sowers & the Seed. The Agricultural God.

~ Structure & Stabilizer ~
Our self control & states of introspection. Our organizational, perfecting, concentrative abilities. Our strength for manifesting & bringing issues to fruition. Represents lessons & limitations & structure in our life. Known as the Teacher/Karma Also shows our sorrow, miserliness,
rigidity & fearfulness.

Saturn in the Signs: How lessons challenge you in early life & reward you in later life.
Saturn in the Houses: Where you must act responsibly & face lessons & limitations. Where manifestation strength is available.

It takes 29 to 30 years for Saturn to travel thru all the Signs .
Approximately 2 to 3 years per sign.

Saturn in Pisces
Imaginative. Intuitive. Drastic changes in moods. Prospers greatly with encouragement & very sensitive to criticism. Lessons are inner struggles of fear & faith, mental barriers & healing the past. Thinks of escaping reality on some remote island. Quiet time & seclusion needed to develop talents. Good understanding of others needs. Rewarded w/the more you give the more you receive (House may reveal where). Resourceful. Has the ability to manifest; just under estimates self. Weakness: Vague anxieties. Own worst enemy.


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