Uranus in Aries

Urania is representing Uranus
~ Daughter of Zeus & Mnemosyne ~
Muse of Astronomy. Goddess of the Heavens & Sky.
Has the Ability to make Mankind forget Our Dark Thoughts & our Troubles.

Awakening ~ Altruism
Our sudden, unexpected, unpredictable actions. Our need of
freedom. Our eccentric nature. Our originality & inventive abilities.
Our unconventional, unusual & curious nature. Our level of
sympathy & renunciation. Also shows our radicalness,
rebelliousness & erracticness.

Uranus in the Signs: 7 year awakening bond. House placement is more important.
Uranus in the Houses: Where you need freedom & tend to do the unusual. Where exciting events enter your life.

It takes Uranus 84 years to travel thru the Signs & Houses.
Approximately 7 years per sign.

Uranus in Aries
Approximately 1928-1934. A generation who feel a tremendous urge for freedom. Forced changes. Starting new lives in new places. Seldom remains in birth place. A group of people with the ability to influence & inspire others. A generation with the common goal of bringing in the new and overcoming repressive obstacles. Combative. Inventive. A impulsive & impatient generation. As a whole, many heated arguments are experienced by these individuals during particular time frames ~ which is activated by certain aspects.

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