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Conjunctions: A Transiting Conjunction to a Natal Planet placement is when two Planets are placed within 1-3 Degree Orb of each other. Of course the closer the Conjunction the Stronger the effect. Conjunctions can be interpreted as two Planets that are blended or united to be One. Not all Planets are favorable 'blends'. Therefore the influence of this Aspect is always dependent upon the two Planets that are conjuncting. The favorable conjunctions (of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune) bring consolidating uniting energy which builds, merges and sets foundations. The combustible combinations of Mars, Saturn, Uranus & Pluto are more igniting, combustible conjunctions.

Neptune Conjunct Natal Moon
Once in a lifetime transit. A transit where much depends on how old you are when this occurs and what the aspects and position of your Natal Moon are. Emotional well being may go either way. Love ~ a channel for a new romance of a Higher Nature and/or Illuminates current relationships to enlightening and ecstatic levels. Creativity ~ can be incredibly inspirational. Enhances sensitivity, creativity and artistic talents. Achievements come through fantasy, imaginative projects and environments. A sense of living in make believe world. Craving of sensational and/or lustful activities. Inclined to be more compassionate and aware. Motivated to respond to others sufferings. Note ~ with difficult Natal Moon aspects ~ can be confusing and self deluding. May be prone to feelings of self pity and guilt. Caution ~ subject to being seduced by unscrupulous motives of others. Behavior ~ seeking the bizarre life. Erotic and/or sadistic double life. Circumstances of being involved with sadistic individuals. Stalking ~ may accentuate or bring a faze of secretly watching or following others or vice versa. Romance ~ in love affairs ~ a relationship that begins here ~ may also end once Conjunction is over. Affairs with those who are not available. Home ~ changes occur in domestic life. May move near water or to isolated area. Can feel uprooted and distant from family. Remember ~ most important to keep honest, clean, legal and true to self ~ and to avoid unsettling fears and their consequences.