~ Apollo ~
Son of Zeus & Leto ~ Twin brother of Artemis ~Known for his blinding glance that none but the Honest could meet. The God of Light & Truth. Eternally youthful. Worshipped as Phoebus meaning the Brilliant. The Archer God. The Healer. Master Musician.

In the Signs: How your essence & individuality is expressed.
In the Houses: This area of life will always be of great importance to you and it is where much growth will take place.

Sun in Taurus
Loyal. Persuasive & likes to be persuaded but; not easily pushed around. Habitual in ways. Likes routines. Tends not to rush things. Slow to change. Acquisitive. Aesthetic. Pleasure Seekers. Motivated by love of beauty. Endeavors to attain comfort & contentment. Ability to produce. Builders of security. Headstrong. Serious. Hard working. Recognized for reliability. Committed. Pragmatic. Weakness: Stubborn. Resistant to change. Unimaginative.

House Readings

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